Kalla Mööbel OÜ

Kalla Mööbel launched operations in 1993. Our main area of activity is the production of durable and high-quality furniture, made to order. Our mission is not simply to make furniture but to offer a service which makes the living environment more beautiful and comfortable for our customers. Every project is treated as a unique whole. Our target group is companies and individuals who prefer to order furniture made to design. Over the last 15 years we have produced furniture for a lot of clients who have used interior designers to help bring their ideas to life, and we are the designer’s right-hand man.

We consider our greatest assets to be our flexible production process and the years of experience we have in the field, which are both vital in satisfying the needs and wishes of our customers. Our management system is structured for the performance of complex projects and meets all of the requirements of the ISO 9001/2000 standard. Here at Kalla Mööbel we are always up to date on the materials that meet international standards and use both them and furniture supplies from leading European countries in our production. The melamine and natural veneer materials which we use and manufacture have been tested for durability at the Tallinn University of Technology and meet all of the requirements of the EVS-EN 12720 standard. Our production process uses modern equipment which, along with technological innovation, helps to ensure the development of the company. After-sales service also forms a vital link in our company service chain.

We consider the following to be very important:
Satisfied customers
A good working environment, which is the key to creative and productive operations
Investment in production resources which ensure the consistently high quality of our products


Address: Kohtu 29A, Kuressaare 93812
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E-mail: info@kalla.ee
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Address: Tartu mnt 84A, Tallinn 10112 (Fahle Building)
Telephone: +372 603 0562
Fax: +372 603 0658
E-mail: info@kalla.ee
Orders: tellimus@kalla.ee | argo@kalla.ee
Finance: merle@kalla.ee