Dinoxo OÜ

Dinoxo OÜ belongs to a group and sells upholstered furniture under the BELLFIRE trade mark. Bellfire OÜ is a company that produces upholstered furniture, valuing quality and Nordic design. Our team has long-term production experience and extensive knowledge in furniture manufacturing. Bellfire’s design team has set Nordic design and comfort as their goal, while also being innovative at the same time, and having knowledge of working with different materials and textiles.

We offer a wide selection of fun-coloured strong birchwood toys and children’s furniture, from which clients can easily find what they are looking for.

  • Address: Allikmaa küla, Taebla vald 90811, Läänemaa
  • phone: +372 472 0741
  • fax +372 472 0742
  • www.bellfire.ee