Radis OÜ

Established in: 2009
Category: indoor furniture, special order furniture, plywood furniture

We are a flexible company that is able to design, develop, and manufacture different innovative products for export in the necessary volumes by including our cooperation partners in the process. Development of a wide range of products, thanks to our own designers and the Estonian Academy of Arts, has piqued interest and increased our sales on external markets. Our furniture is sold in Germany, France, Great Britain, Finland, and Estonia.


You can check our products materials and quality in 4ROOM showroom in Tallinn, Pärnu mnt 110. There are ranges PIX, MAN and HUH, also shelf SIK-SAK, tables NAM-NAM and EDI, modular-system MAX and rocking chair GEE.

  • Address: Vaalu 10, Tallinn
  • phone: 55 585 656
  • www.radis.ee