Rakvere Vocational School

Established in: 1909
Category: Vocational training

In 1909, the Ministry of Education of the tsar’s government, located in Saint Petersburg, contacted S. M. Prutšenko, curator of the Riga educational district, with a request to determine the locations in which schools could be opened for the preparation of teachers. The locations proposed were Narva and Rakvere. The Narva area was not acceptable to the Riga educational district. So, land was requested from the mayor of Rakvere. On 29 March 1910, the Rakvere city council allocated 4 dessiatines of land at the edge of the town for the future educational institution, without asking for any compensation. Aleksander Vassiljevitš Orlovski, inspector of the people’s schools of the 1st district of Riga, was assigned as the head of the institution. Until the new buildings were completed, the Stroinovski house was rented on Tartu Street – in which the school was consecrated on 23 October 1912 – and studies began in Russian with 30 selected young men.

The mission of the Rakvere Vocational School is to create innovative opportunities for the personal development of a learner and his or her success in professional life, by using an up-to-date learning environment, and a friendly, motivated, and qualified staff.

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  • Address: Piiri 8, 44316 Rakvere
  • phone: 329 5030
  • fax 329 5031
  • www.rak.ee