Duo-Line OÜ

OÜ Duo-Line is a rapidly developing enterprise, established in 2005, for the design, manufacturing and installation of furniture. We aim to provide our customers with functional, practical and working solutions at a reasonable price.

Our main area of expertise is the designing, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, and installation, of wardrobes and kitchen, bathroom and hallway furniture. In addition to that, we offer sliding doors, furniture, furniture accessories and home appliances. We use the latest computer programs when designing furniture, so the user can get a photorealistic picture of the furniture even before placing their order.

In the beginning of 2007, we began using high-quality ASTIN systems in the manufacturing of sliding doors, allowing us to give a 10-year guarantee. There is a wide range of sliding, folding, revolving and swing door systems to choose from. ASTIN systems are compatible with office and home furniture, including cupboards, wardrobes and libraries. For the cores of the doors, any of the veneered and melamine panels, glass, mirrors, and bamboo, fabric and rattan panels from our wide range of products can be used. Different materials can also be combined. The possibilities are endless.

We are open to collaboration with private clients, interior designers, interior architects, and companies.