Standard AS

Established in: 1944
Category: office furniture, special order furniture, upholstered furniture, production, sales

Standard is the leader in carrying out furnishing projects in the Baltic States, with its strengths being history, long-term experiences, and a constant desire to evolve. Standard started its operations in 1944.
We have two lines of business: StandardPro is focused on the furnishing of hotels and public rooms. StandardOffice provides office and interior design solutions. Standard’s strength is the provision of full service – we help our customers to turn their needs into a reality.
Standard has gained Europe-wide recognition as a reliable partner who goes above and beyond what is expected. Speed, clarity, and quality are the guiding principles of Standard.
The strength of Standard’s service lies in our factories which, in addition to effective project management, also demonstrate their ability and skill in manufacturing and guiding the process from idea to solution.
Standard’s reach crosses borders. Standard has two flagship stores, one of which in Tallinn and the other in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Standard is represented in Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, and Russia.

Standard gives substance to a room.


  • Address: Marja 9, 10617 Tallinn
  • phone: 6509 300
  • fax 6509 344