Võru County Vocational Training Centre

Established in: 1920
Category: Vocational training

The forefathers of Võru County Vocational Training Centre are the Võru Agricultural School, established in 1920, and the Võru Trade School, established in 1925. The Võru Agricultural School was brought to Väimela in 1922, and renamed the Väimela Agricultural School. The school has carried a number of different names throughout the years, and has trained specialists that were needed in large scale agricultural production.

The Võru Trade School also underwent several name changes, but remained true to the professions it provided – metal and wood processing.
The experiences and knowledge gathered by the two schools over a period of 80 years serve as the foundation for the activities of the Võru County Vocational Training Centre.

  • Address: Väimela, Võru vald 65566, Võru maakond
  • phone: +372 78 50 800
  • www.vkhk.ee