RaSun OÜ

Since 2010 we have created couches, armchairs, beds, ottomans and basically anything with upholstered covers. You can find our products in resaurants, night clubs, offices and homes.

Neiseri Grupp AS

Neiser has been creating upholstered furniture in Estonia since 1992. During this time, the company has become a leader in technological innovation and product development, not only in Estonia but also in other Nordic countries.

Enima Trade OÜ

Enima is a provider of customised contract furniture solutions. We offer full service from design to installation, anywhere in the world. We are specialised in design and manufacturing of more complicated pieces of furniture. We are flexible in production, can produce single items as well as up to medium batches – we have sufficient technological […]

Nobe Interiors OÜ

Masters of Nobe Interiors OÜ have years-long experience in manufacturing and designing furniture. We make furniture for commercial spaces as well as offices. We also make furniture for homes. Our range of works also includes kitchen, living room, kids’ room and bathroom furniture. Furnishing the campers and vans forms big part of our work since […]

AS Kateks

AS Kateks was established in 1991. We manufacture high quality furnishings according to the needs of our customers and custom made furniture for trade organisations, cafés and bars, offices, homes and other places. We manufacture wall systems, slatwall panels, sales stands, tables, cabinets, showcases, sliding doors, wardrobe systems, kitchen furniture, etc. Our skills and manufacturing […]

Exova BMTrada

Exova BM TRADA on pika ajalooga ettevõte (ulatudes aastasse 1934), mille teenused on klientide poolt kõrgelt hinnatud. Me pakume sõltumatut sertifitseerimise, testimise, inspekteerimise, koolitamise ja tehnilise toe teenust üle maailma.

Nava Ltd

Nava Ltd is one of the biggest reseller of woodworking machines in Estonia.

Hahle Eesti OÜ

Hahle Eesti kuulub Hahle konserni. Hahle konserni kuuluvad Hahle OY (mööblitarvikute hulgimüük), Ecolam (töötasapindade tootmine), Josadoor (mööbliuste tootmine) ja Otsoson (valamute hugimüük). Oleme firma Blum esindajad Eestis ja Soomes.

Viidest OÜ

LTD Viidest is Estonian wood processing industry in Harjumaa, Raasiku. We started our activity in 1994. The basic field of the company are producing solid wood cupboard doors and door frames for kitchen furniture and furniture industry, so special offers of solid wood.

Muruum OÜ

Muruum – Children`s Furniture Made to Last Simply Change the Textiles. The furniture is made of birch plywood – an Estonian natural material that becomes only more beautiful with age.

Kitman Thulema AS

Kitman Thulema ASi põhitegevuseks on ühiskondlike ruumide sisustuslahenduste kavandamine ja teostamine, samuti pakub Kitman külmatehnilisi terviklahendusi. Alates septembrist 2010 omandas Kitman kaubamärgi Thulema.

Syntema AS

As an official reseller, Syntema offers products to the timber and metal industries made by Becker Acroma and Becker Industrial Coatings. It also provides a tinting service and technological advice. We are also marketing AWUKO grinding products and GRACO spraying equipment. Syntema and Becker Acroma currently own approximately 30% of the industrial paint market of Estonia.

Recticel OÜ

Recticel OÜ belongs to the Belgium group Recticel. Our common objective is to be the best partner and supplier. We use modern technology in the production of polyurethane foam. All of our products are made without Freon and are free of any compounds that are harmful to humans. Currently, our customers include a large number of upholstered furniture and mattress producers in Estonia.

Plaat Detail OÜ

Plaat Detail OÜ is FORMICA’s representative in the Baltic States, selling its high-pressure laminates. In addition to laminate sales, Plaat Detail OÜ also manufactures laminate products. Our main customers are furniture-makers, interior decoration and construction companies, as well as hardware stores.

Paisuots OÜ

OÜ Paisuots is a 100 % Estonian capital based, family owned, small furniture manufacturing company, established in 1992. We manufacture and sell solid wood garden furniture. Our product range also includes garden furniture for flower planters and stairs, flowerpots, pergolas, children playgrounds and sandboxes, etc.

Nevotex Eesti OÜ

We are one of the leading wholesale and retail manufacturers of upholstered furniture materials in the Baltic States and Scandinavia. We have everything from textiles and leather to handicraft supplies and bed mechanisms.

Antsla-Inno AS

AS Antsla-Inno was founded in 1996. The company specialises in the production and marketing of upholstered furniture. In its early years, the company had 13 employees and a realised net turnover of EEK 250,000 per month. Since 1999, the company has grown constantly.

Agenda PRO OÜ

Agenda PRO OÜ is a company operating in the wholesale of furniture fittings. The history of the company started in 1993, and we have supplied Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian furniture manufacturers with accessories, mechanisms, and fittings ever since. We work closely with many leading kitchen, office, and project furniture manufacturers.

TTÜ puidutöötlemise õppetool

Puidutöötlemise õppetool (kateeder) asutati 1979. a. Eesti puidutööstuse initsiatiivil. Õppetooli avamine TTÜ-s võimaldas alustada inseneride ettevalmistamist Eestis puidutöötlemise erialal.

Alpek FL OÜ

Alpek FL OÜ has been cutting porolone since 2005. All porolone used by us is in compliance with the high standards of the European Union and is respectively certified. We purchase porolone mostly from Russia and Sweden.

Dinoxo OÜ

Dinoxo OÜ belongs to a group and sells upholstered furniture under the BELLFIRE trade mark. Bellfire OÜ is a company that produces upholstered furniture, valuing quality and Nordic design. Our team has long-term production experience and extensive knowledge in furniture manufacturing.

Duo-Line OÜ

OOÜ Duo-Line is a rapidly developing enterprise, established in 2005, for the design, manufacturing and installation of furniture. We aim to provide our customers with functional, practical and working solutions at a reasonable price. Our main area of expertise is the designing, retail and wholesale, manufacturing, and installation, of wardrobes and kitchen, bathroom and hallway furniture.

Ermatiko OÜ

Ermatiko OÜ on 1993.a. detsembris asutatud Eesti perefirma. Alustades väikese 3-liikmelise pereettevõttena on tänaseks saanud Ermatiko OÜst arvestatav konkurent Eesti pehme mööbli valmistajate seas. Praeguseks toodame palju erinevaid pehme mööbli mudeleid. Nende hulgast on võimalik valida erinevates mõõtudes diivaneid, diivanvoodeid, nurgadiivaneid, tugitoole ja järisid.

Fortem Grupp AS

AS Fortem Group, established in 1994, is primarily specialised in the production of kitchen furniture sets characterised by a high level of quality and distinctiveness.

Halver Mööbel OÜ

Põhitegevusalaks on olnud 1992 aastast büroo-,kodu- ja eritellimusmööbli valmistamine vastavalt kliendi soovidele ja vajadustele. Meie ettevõtet iseloomustavad paindlikkus, kõrge kvaliteet ja uuendusmeelsus. Pakume lahendusi ka kõige nõudlikumale kliendile.

PSI Sisustus

Established in 1991, M.F.Leming OÜ is an Estonian furniture company that operates under the PSI Sisustus brand. We work together with leading interior designers from Estonia and Finland to create the best solutions for homes, offices and public areas in Scandinavia, The Baltics and Russia.

Sirkel Fabrics OÜ

Sirkel Fabrics is an interior textile wholesales company. Contemporary and also timeless high-quality fabrics. Long-lasting experience and trustworthy partners mostly from Europe.

Võru County Vocational Training Centre

The forefathers of Võru County Vocational Training Centre are the Võru Agricultural School, established in 1920, and the Võru Trade School, established in 1925. The school has carried a number of different names throughout the years, and has trained specialists that were needed in large scale agricultural production. The experiences and knowledge gathered by the two schools over a period of 80 years serve as the foundation for the activities of the Võru County Vocational Training Centre.

Rakvere Vocational School

The mission of the Rakvere Vocational School is to create innovative opportunities for the personal development of a learner and his or her success in professional life, by using an up-to-date learning environment, and a friendly, motivated, and qualified staff.

Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool

Tartu Kõrgem Kunstikool (TKK) on eesti kunsti edendav, kultuuriväärtusi säilitav, kaasaegseid tehnoloogiaid ja infotehnoloogiat rakendav, ettevõtlust ning loovtööstust toetav rakenduskõrgkool.

Kuressaare Regional Training Centre

The school was established on 6 November 1922, as the Kuressaare School for Construction Instructors, and 19 students were accepted to the school in the first year. This also marks the beginning of continuous vocational training on Saaremaa. Currently, more than 900 students are studying at the school.

Tallinna Ehituskool

Tallinna Ehituskool on partnerite poolt tunnustatud kutsekool. Oleme saavutanud läbi aastate vabariiklikel kutsemeistrivõistlustel kõrgeid kohti. 2014. aasta sügisel valmib uus kaasaegne praktikabaas.

Kalla Mööbel OÜ

We have ranked among the most important special order furniture producers for 20 years. Our largest customers are catering and commercial enterprises. Our main market is in Estonia but we also have partners in Finland, Sweden and Germany.

Pixner OÜ

Our main area of activity is the production of chairs and chair details from bent plywood. We also produce slabs and other furniture details covered in high-pressure laminate. We have 20 years of working experience in pressing bent plywood.

Standard AS

Standard is the leader in carrying out furnishing projects in the Baltic States, with its strengths being history, long-term experiences, and a constant desire to evolve. Standard started its operations in 1944.
We have two lines of business: StandardPro is focused on the furnishing of hotels and public rooms. StandardOffice provides office and interior design solutions.

Haapsalu Kutsehariduskeskus

Haapsalu Kutsehariduskeskuses õpib ligikaudu 800 õpilast, neist 92 õpilast puidutöötlemise valdkonnas tisleri, puidupingitöölise, mööblirestaureerimise ja sadulsepa erialal. Õpilaskonnast moodustavad 48% täiskasvanud õpilased, kelle seas on just mööblitootmisega seotud erialad (mööblirestaureerimine, sadulsepp) väga populaarsed.

Sarkop AS

Sarkop produces special order furniture for public places – hotels, offices, restaurants, schools, museums, etc. Our customers include the following hotel chains across Europe: Radisson Blu, Scandic, Sokos, Park Inn, and Best Western.

Radis OÜ

We are a flexible company that is able to design, develop, and manufacture different innovative products for export in the necessary volumes by including our cooperation partners in the process. Development of a wide range of products, thanks to our own designers and the Estonian Academy of Arts, has piqued interest and increased our sales on external markets. Our furniture is sold in Germany, France, Great Britain, Finland and Estonia.

Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskus

Pärnumaa Kutsehariduskeskuses õpib tislerierialal põhihariduse baasil ca 50 õpilast. Avatud on ka CNC-pingi operaatori õpe keskhariduse baasil. Kool pakub suurepäraseid täiend- ja ümberõppe võimalusi koostööpartneritele ja erinevatele asutustele.

Velma Mööbel OÜ

Velma Mööbel OÜ was established in 1997. We are one of the largest furniture producers in Tartu. We produce kitchen, office, medical, hotel, library and furniture for the home. Most of our products are made to order. We use high-quality materials and furniture fittings in our products.

Valgamaa Kutseõppekeskus

Valgamaa Kutseõppekeskus loodi 1. septembril 1999 Helme ja Valga kutsekoolide liitmisel üheks Haridus- ja Teadusministeeriumi haldusalas olevaks riigi õppeasutuseks. Aastatel 2009-2011 valmis Valga linnas uus Valgamaa Kutseõppekeskuse hoonetekompleks, mis avati pidulikult 1. septembril 2011. Nägus koolihoone ja õpilaskodu Valga linnas Viljandi ja Loode tänavate nurgal moodustavad kaasaegse õppelinnaku – kampuse.

Askala OÜ

Askala OÜ on Eesti kapitalil põhinev täispuidust elukondliku mööbli tootja, mis asutati 2001. aastal. Ettevõtte omanik on AS Mainor. Askala OÜ on läbi aastate edukalt müünud oma toodangut koduturul ning on asutamisest peale olnud orienteeritud ekspordile.

Viljandi Kutseõppekeskus

Vana-Võidus asuv Viljandi Kutsehariduskeskus on kaasaegne ametikool kuhu õpilased tahavad tulla heal meelel ametit õppima. Siin saab töömeheteed alustav noor esmakoolituse, siin toimub täiskasvanute ja erivajaduste inimeste koolitus, karjäärinõustamine, õpetajate ja õpilaste ning piirkonna väikeettevõtjate koolitamine. Vana-Võidust saadud teadmistega tuleb toime Euroopas ja mujal maailmas.

Woodman OÜ

Woodman is a home furniture company, where products are created/designed by highly experienced designers and a product development team. Our created products are mainly marketed in European middle-class retail chains, as well as in the U.S., Canada, Russia, and Japan.